a note about the tracking software I use

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this site’s Privacy Policy or other legal documents, all of the following shall apply:

If you access this website from a Federal Government IP Address, we may record your browsing history and other information such as ip address, web browser, and referral URL, as well as use tracking cookies to record your interactions with this site, and may make all of the information we have collected about you available to Third Parties including but not limited to: Speak Together, also known as Internal Effects Inc., and to the general public.

Federal Government IP Address refers to any IP address including, but not limited to, those within the ranges registered as of June 28, 2017 to the following on the American Registry of Internet Numbers(ARIN):
Federal Communications Commission(FCC),
Executive Office Of The President(EXOP),
U.S. House of Representatives(ISUHR),
United States Senate(USSAA)